Residential Projects

New Home? Planning A Renovation? Let's Rock.

About Our Residential Work

At Mesa mechanical Inc, not only do we focus on commercial jobs but we also focus on residential plumbing. Whether that be plumbing services for homeowners or new home plumbing, we will best serve you. We strive to deliver quality services with high brand name suppliers because we value all of our customers. We want each one of our clients to have the best quality systems. If you’re wanting residential plumbing work done for your brand-new home that’s soon to be built, you can count on us. We are the trusted Saskatoon plumbing experts.

Mesa Mechanical Inc has been working exclusively with homeowners in Saskatoon and the surrounding area to fix their plumbing issues with professionalism, well prices services. Residential new home plumbing works hand in hand with some of our daily plumbing services. Services include plumbing, shower and bathtub installation, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, sump pumps, hot water tanks & heaters, fixture Installations, furnace installations, gas line installations, heating & cooling and so much more. At Mesa Mechanical Inc, we do it all of with exceptional work.  So if you’re home owner in Saskatoon, consider us. There is not a job is too big or too small for our crew. Give us a call today (306) 202-8084 and we’ll be right over to get started on our next project.

When it comes to bathroom plumbing reno’s in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, be sure to give us a call or fill out our contact form. We understand that you’ve been wanting to do the bathroom renovations in your home for a long time. People usually put it off because they try to do a little bit here in a little bit there and before you know it so much time is past and you’re only halfway done. We can even take apart all your old fixtures and have your new ones installed in a day depending on the size of the job. Weather it’s upgrading to the glass steam shower you’ve always wanted, with high pressure and more moving space, a tub shower, to a walk in bath, we’ll be able to satisfy your wants and needs with top notch quality work that you can feel proud paying for. If you’ve been thinking about doing plumbing bathroom renovations in your home, we highly recommend contacting us! Have your renovations create a modern feeling environment that turns heads in your home. You’ll have all your friends and family asking who did your plumbing renovations renovations. That’s when you can simply refer them over! Click to call from your mobile phone today or dial (306) 202-8084 to get your free no obligation estimate.