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Saskatoon Toilet Repair & Plumbing Services

Fixing broken toilets and toilet repairs are one of the most common calls we get at Mesa Mechanical Saskatoon plumbers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise: toilets are one of the most heavily used plumbing fixtures in your household and it can be a huge disruption when they break down. If you don’t maintain the toilets in your home (for example, if they always seem to be running), you can also run the risk of racking up a huge water bill.
These are some of the most common causes for leaky and running toilets, based on our history of calls to repair toilets in Saskatoon:
  • Old, worn out hardware inside the toilet tank, like your flapper
  • Improperly installed or maintained toilet hardware
  • A broken, leaky or improperly installed valve
  • Broken or worn out seals in your tank or toilet bowl
Fortunately, fixing many of these issues is relatively simple!
Give Mesa Mechancial in Saskatoon a call, and we’ll come out and diagnose your broken toilet issue and have you up and running again in no time.